VX-GORO Small Belt Filter Presses

From the point of view of performance and size, VX-GORO is the smallest Vanex belt filter press. Thanks to its parameters and purchase price, it is capable of dewatering municipal sludge at localities with 1,000–5,000 PE.

Belt Filter Presses

Belt Filter Presses

Benefits of VX-GORO Belt Filter Presses:

  • Lower purchase and operating costs.
  • Lower consumption of compressed air.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Minimum requirements for operation and maintenance (e.g. maintenance-free bearings).
  • All machine parts are made of stainless steel and plastic resistant to corrosion.
  • Water from the filtrate or drainage water from wastewater treatment plants can be used to rinse the belt so no technological water is needed.

We can produce VX-GORO belt filter presses of various dimensions, see table below.


Performance of the press depends on the type of sludge, flocculant and filter fabric used and the operator.

For more information about VX-GORO belt filter presses, please contact us.