Dryer Fabrics

Vysoušecí sítaOur dryer fabrics are made of PET yarns highly resistant to hydrolysis. Most of fabrics can also be made of fully hydrolysis resistant PPS yarns . PPS dryer fabrics can withstand any heat and humidity conditions in the dryer section of the paper machine. Woven PET dryer fabrics can be reinforced by PPS yarns along the edges, increasing their resistance to hydrolysis and extending their service life. PPS edges are a good compromise between efficiency and price.

Dryer fabrics are available within a certain range of air permeability, ranging from 80 to 1 000 CFM.

Construction of dryer fabric can be single layer, double layer or spiral.

Special construction and material of Anti-stickies dryer fabrics provide higher resistance against stickies and make removal of stickies easier.

Edges of dryer fabrics are heat-sealed and reinforced by a 4 cm wide layer of hydrolysis resistant adhesive.

Dryer fabrics are usually connected with spiral seam or pin seam.

On customer’s request, dryer fabrics are delivered with optional equipment for easy seaming and installation.

We provide technical support and service for paper machine dryer sections in accordance with recommendations of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry – TAPPI (www.tappi.org), the worldwide leader in the branch.

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