Anti-stickies Dryer Fabrics

Anti-stickies dryer fabrics are made of special yarns with lower adhesion of stickies to the fabric. Their construction ensures easy stickies removal.

AirTex (900 – 1000 CFM)

AirTex (900-1000 CFM)

AirTex (900-1000 CFM)

AirTex is a single layer dryer fabric with very high air permeability. It is made of PET yarns with higher resistance to stickies. Large apertures protect the fabric against blinding and make removal of stickies easier. AirTex is suitable for stickies-sensitive positions and for positions where high air permeability is required. This capacity is ensured throughout the whole dryer fabric service life.


  • Very good air ventilation
  • Resistance to stickies
  • Easy cleaning
  • High air permeability throughout the whole dryer fabric life
  • Developed for brown grades

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