Equipment for Dryer Fabrics

Standard Equipment:

Leader fabric, delivered with every fabric,is used to install anew dryer fabric. It contains iron rings for attaching the ropes. Leader fabric is seamed to the new dryer fabric and attached to the old one by ropes.

Pintle cables are used for joining seam ends together.Every dryer fabric is supplied with two pieces of plastic pintle cable (one seaming wire being spare) with stainless steel leader wire.

Zippers or Velcros are used for joining two seam ends, which makes seaming much quicker and easier.

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Optional Equipment:

Triangular leader fabric is used for installation of the dryer fabric if there is no fabric in the dryer position. In this case, leader fabric cannot be used.

The Lippert device is used for easy and quick insertion of the pintle cable into the seam.

Lippert lubricant lowers friction on the seam loops during insertion of the pintle cable and protects it from degradation.

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