PPS Dryer Fabrics

PPS vysoušecí síta

PPS dryer fabric

PPS dryer fabrics are fully resistant to hydrolysis and able to withstand all heat and humidity conditions in the dryer section. Most of standard types of fabrics can also be made of PPS yarns. PPS dryer fabrics are suitable for drying positions where the whole dryer fabric is hydrolysed. PPS can considerably extend the service life of the fabric and help avoid the risk of its failure during the operation of the paper machine because of decreased fabric strength.
Edges of polyester dryer fabrics can be reinforced by PPS yarns, which increase their resistance tohydrolys is and also to elongation. PPS edges are a good compromise between efficiency and price. They are suitable for hydrolysis-sensitive positions.

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PET vysoušecí síta s PPS kraji

PET dryer fabric with PPS edges