Single Layer Dryer Fabrics


UltraDry  (350 – 550 CFM)

UltraDry (350-550 CFM

UltraDry (350-550 CFM)

UltraDryis a common single layer dryer fabric with medium air permeability for conventional dryer groups. It is easy to clean and recommended for positions with a continuous high pressure cleaning system. UltraDry is suitable mainly for brown grades, but it can be used for drying of any sort of paper.


  • Reliable and proven
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for continuous high pressure cleaning
  • Reliablenon-marking spiral seam
  • Suitable for all paper grades

SlalomTex (80 – 250 CFM)

SlalomTex (80-300 CFM)

SlalomTex (80-300 CFM)

SlalomTex is a single layer dryer fabric. Its surface is composed of very smooth warp yarns, which provide a high contact surface area between the fabric and the paper and thus the best possible transfer of heat from cylinders to the paper.

In comparison with common woven dryer fabrics, SlalomTexcarries a very low amount of air. It considerably increases sheet runnability and therefore makes the fabric suitable for high speed paper machines.

The fabric contains the warp loop seam,which is at the same level with the fabric and doesn’t mark the paper. The air permeability of the seam is comparable to that of the fabric. SlalomTexis especially suitable for printing paper and for types of paper with superior surface quality requirements.


  • Super smooth fabric surface
  • High contact surface area – very good heat transfer
  • High dimensional and diagonal stability
  • Resistance to distortion – even profiles
  • Low fabric caliper – 1.4mm
  • The seam at the same level with the fabric
  • Suitable for all paper grades
  • Suitable for high speed paper machines

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