Filter Belts

Our filter belts can be used in a wide variety of applications for solid-liquid separation, e.g. sludge dewatering and material processing in belt press, sludge thickening in gravity belt thickener, filtration in horizontal vacuum belt filter, etc.

Belts are joined by stainless steel clipper seam or by pin seam, which are dismountable. Alternatively belts could be endless without dismountable seam.

Belt edges are standardly reinforced by strip of high mechanically resistant and flexible two component glue. Triangle reinforcement at seam edges increases mechanical resistance of seam.

Construction of filter belts could be woven or spiral.

All belts are standardly equipped with pintle wires for connection of seam. Spiral belts and woven belts with pin seam are equipped with leader cloth for easy belt installation.

Filter belts are typically made of abrasive resistant PET, which gives them an excellent dimensional stability, high tensile strength and high wear resistance. Other types of yarns such as PAD, PE, PEEK, PPS, PP are available for special applications, where PET yarns can not be used.

Examples of Application:

  • Food industry (fruit juice, starch, pectin, pasta, vegetables, dairy, etc.)
  • Dewatering of paper sludge and pulp in paper mills and pulp mills
  • Dewatering of municipal and industrial sludge
  • Thickening of sludge in gravity thickeners
  • Dewatering of sludge in mining industry (coal, minerals, sand, kaolin, etc.)
  • Dewatering of fine particle suspensions in vacuum belt filters (FGD, coal, fine minerals, etc.)
  • Conveyor belts
  • Process belts

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