Equipment for Filter Belts

Pintle wires are used for joining seam ends together. Filter belts with stainless steel clipper seam AISI316 are standardly delivered with two AISI316 steel wires. Filter belts with spiral seam or pin seam are delivered with a PET pintle wire connected to stainless steel leader wire for easier insertion into the seam. We can also deliver pintle wires made of different materials for special applications.

beltsLeader cloth with iron rings is used to install a new filter belt. New filter belt is drawn into machine using the leader cloth. Leader cloth is standardly delivered with spiral belts and with woven belts with pin seam.


Optional Equipment:

Velcro is used for joining two seam ends together before seaming. Velcro is used on belts with loop seam, wider than 3 m.

Triangular leader fabric is used for installation of a new filter fabric if there is no fabric installed in the machine. In that case, it is not possible to attach the old dryer fabric to the new one and a triangular leader fabric has to be used.

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